Thursday, November 13, 2008

And now for a bit of shameless self-promotion

Updating to say that I do promise that this post will not remain prominent, though frankly, I can't see that I'm going to get around making a big change before the New Year, the holidays being what they are. So, in the meantime, I'm posting the link to Fictionwise, where you can get the anthology at a discount, and then rate it if you are so inclined.

Press Release:

"Carpathian Mountains, ancient castle, and unexpected overnight lodging creates havoc for some foreigners.

Carpathian Shadows: Volume Two follows the haunting aura of Lord Erdely from the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, Romania, and his mysterious castle.

Lord John Erdely lived in the 17th century and date of death never confirmed since no body has ever been found. It is rumored he dealt in black magic to suppress the ongoing collaboration of the churches to bring a unified religion to all people, a Greek Catholic practice.

Enter the present time…

All visitors staying in Cornifu Hotel are surprised with a mystery invitation for a one-day excursion to Erdely Castle. Befuddled but amused at the same time, they accept, unaware of the events to follow."

For the purposes of this post, the name of this blog should temporarily be "Things You Most Certainly and Without Any Doubt Have Missed", but it can't be helped. I recently submitted a story for the above named horror anthology. This, the second volume, which includes my story, came out on Halloween. It's in e-book format at the moment, and is available through, but will be available in print form in the very near future.

I'm editing this to add the Amazon link for the print version, should anybody be so inclined. It's here

The thing that makes this post a little less self-serving than it might initially seem is that there are five other writers, an editor and a publisher who have all worked hard on this book, and I'm happy to be in their company. My own story isn't the scariest in this collection, but I think it's all right in its way, and there are a couple of others that are more bone-chilling. A nice review was posted here:

Chris Chat

What I like about this review is that it recognizes the special qualities of each story. I'll post the ISBN for the printed version of the book here when it's out, but meanwhile do check out Rob Preece's excellent website,especially if you're interested in sci-fi, horror and/or romance...

Oh, and if the idea of this intrigues you, I expect you'll also want to check out
Carpathian Shadows, Volume One, also from, featuring four more authors tackling the same premise.