Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yoani Sanchez

Although, I follow the blog of Yoani Sanchez on a regular basis, and anyone who happens to read my Confessions of Ignorance blog has been able to see new updates from it for quite some time, I must admit that I hadn't kept up to speed recently, so it was through Adrian McKinty's post that I learned of her recent abduction by Cuba's secret police, which I then read her own first person account of here . I have also just tonight added her blog to my blog roll here, on the off chance that that will gain her a few more readers.

For any of us in the blogosphere who post our thoughts as freely and perhaps frivolously as I do, it is good to sometimes be reminded that not everyone using this medium uses it lightly or without forethought, and that there are people who speak their truths, just as you or I would, yet face the constant fear that not only their speech may be summarily blocked, but their actual liberty to walk around unimpeded on the earth may be curtailed. Abruptly.

If you enjoy your own free speech, you might want to consider visiting these two blogs,and then if you are persuaded that Yoani's own right to dissent is being blocked, send an email to the Cuban Embassy in London at

edited to add: as this first email didn't seem to bear much fruit, I have also tried, where Amnesty International has frequently requested people send their responses. Good luck.

Thank you.