Friday, March 12, 2010

Script Frenzy, 2010

Time to do one of those promotional plugs. Starting April 1st, Script Frenzy will host its fourth annual challenge to write a hundred page script in a month. Although I believe that a sizable majority of participants will be writing screenplays, in fact there is room for scripts of all stripes--plays, comics, even videogame scripts. The only criteria is writing one hundred pages of, well, something in the month of April. There are even people who fancy themselves Script Frenzy Rebels, who have decided to not write a script of any type, but instead, something completely different. (No, don't ask me about that. I'm a conformist.)

Scripts do not take a lot of room on a page, so this challenge isn't actually as difficult as it might sound. Getting something you'd want to show to another living soul at the end is, of course, the tricky part.

Okay, even if you don't want to write a script of any stripe, you should at least check out the Script Frenzy website and give the old plot machine a couple of spins. What's the plot machine, you ask? Click for yourself and find out.

Did I mention that this is all free? Sure, you can donate out of gratitude for the fun you'll have or will have had later, and in the process help out the Young Writers' Program, which is a cool venture, but only if you are both willing and able to do so. Really.