Thursday, May 1, 2008

Finding One's Subject

Purely by chance, my next post will be about a submission to the Missouri Review as well. This one is in the current issue, Spring 2008. It's a lovely, poignant essay by Jarald Walker, and it's called "The Mechanics of Being." It's about his blind father, but it's also about finding your material as a writer, as well as the proper use of that material. Good luck to him, and good luck to us all.


  1. Hello Seana,
    I'm not trying to be creepy, or anything, but are you the same Seana Graham who wrote "The Pirate's True Love" that was in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #17? My friend is a big fan and is sending me the story, but I was interested in looking up your other stuff as well, which is how I found this blog.
    As I said, not trying to be creepy--just curious. I just finished up my MFA in Creative Writing (popular fiction concentration), so my writer's radar is working on overtime. :)
    Allison Adams
    Portland, ME