Friday, December 19, 2008

And the Bad Drives Out the Good...

I know that for all practical purposes, I should really leave my self-promotional entry for Carpathian Shadows, Volume 2 up through the holidays. But I really just can't resist posting this recent spam email I got, and beside you can always scroll down. I seem to have a weakness for this stuff, so I'm very much afraid that it may crowd out all those pieces of writing actually worthy of praise. Ah, well. You read the title.

This email comes from "Froebe Lewellyn" and it's subject is "Christmaas Night". Doesn't this already sound like a lovely European Felix Noel sort of scene?

True, the tone changes somewhat with the opening line "Girls will drop underwear for yyou!", followed by the appropriate link. But then this might be the best Christmaas gift that many could hope to receive, and far be it from me to judge.

And then we have a short cryptic--what?--poem? paragraph? story?

It was most touching to see how some of the rubber us a great
advantage, of which we did not fail the night after the
did she talk to you at all when she reached the carriage.
good morning, mrs my brother was killed, painlesslyi quite

Don't you feel somehow that if you studied this long and hard, you might eventually render it comprehensible? Okay, you don't, but that's just because I gave you the heads up that it was spam.

"It was most touching to see how some of the rubber..."

"a great advantage, of which we did not fail"

"Did she talk to you at all when she reached the carriage?"

"Good morning,Mrs., my brother was killed, painlessly--quite painlessly."

There's a story in the gaps, I promise you.

Where do they get this stuff? And why? Does anybody know?

In any case, Feliz Navidad, Froebe Lewellyn, whoever and wherever, and I suppose I should add whatever you are. You will pardon me if I don't respond directly...

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