Monday, April 26, 2010

Is This the Best Space Image Ever?

I don't know, but Wired Magazine seems to think it is.  It's actually courtesy the Hubble telescope and celebrates the twentieth anniversary of Hubble's being out there looking around.

Better take a look now, because even interplanetary space voyagers apparently don't live forever.

(I'd have put the picture here, but it wouldn't be as impressive as Wired's version.)


  1. Oh, that's wonderful. I had not seen that image, but the link you provided does link to the famous one I was expecting to see, the "Pillars of Creation."

    I should buy a book of Hubble images, look aat it, then go somewhere dark and clear and stare at the sky.
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  2. Glad you liked it, Peter. I'm not totally clear on when they expect Hubble to 'die' but it will be a sad day in my opinion.