Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wizard of Oz--the choral version

I've already sent this around to a few on my email list. Yep, you're either going to love this or hate it. Iguess it's pretty obvious which camp I'm in...


  1. Glad you liked it. Comes from your state, too!

  2. That was a hoot of a peformance!
    I would like to recommend a new series of children's books based on Baum's Wizard of Oz books. The Royal Magician of Oz Trilogy features Magician of Oz (volume 1), about young Jamie Diggs, the great-grandson of the original Wizard and his discovery of his magical heritage as he travels to Oz to battle the Army of the Trees and the Marauding Morels alongside his new friend, Dorothy.
    In Shadow Demon of Oz (volume 2), Jamie Diggs returns to Oz with his best friend Buddy at the command of Princess Ozma in order to battle an ancient Evil from long ago and save the citizens of Mount Hyup.
    Family of Oz (volume 3: due out in Feb. 2011) completes the trilogy as Jamie Diggs, now the new Royal Magician of Oz brings his family along for a wonderful journey through the Land of Oz as he battles Cobbler the Dog and teaches Princess Ozma the true meaning of family and Love.
    Information about these wonderful books for children and the Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma, who is the author, can be found at:

  3. Thanks for the info on your books, James. It's an interesting idea, and one which I think Gregory McGuire has shown can be successfully launched into new areas.

    I saw that you just completed Nanowrimo as well, and I salute you as a fellow Nano winner. Good luck with the book venture.