Friday, March 25, 2011

What to do in an emergency--or maybe not

I don't actually know who reads this blog apart from a couple of people who have probably already seen it over on Adrian McKinty's blog, but because it is so incredibly great, I'll post this feat of heroism here anyway. It's pretty darn inspiring.


  1. Me too. Thanks for posting, even though I basically just lifted it from a familiar source.

  2. It's worth spreading around.

    On another topic, (I know the staying on topic rules must be terribly strict but I'll risk it), have you read Denise Mina? What do you think?

  3. Yeah, right--you must know that I'm a stickler for staying on topic...

    I haven't read her, but she's definitely on my list. Very good reports.

    I think the only Scottish crime novelist I've read is Ian Rankin--I have friends who have plowed through them, but I think I've only read three.

    Of course, I have read Kidnapped, so maybe that counts...

  4. Good to know. I'm reading her now. I'm about 75 pages into Field of Blood and I admit, I was a bit fuzzy on the story for a bit but it's clearing up now. I think I'm going to like her overall.

    I have an Ian Rankin novel on my shelf but haven't tackled it yet.

  5. I believe Garnet Hill is the first of hers.

    Rankin's are pretty dark. But on the other hand, he's a good writer.

  6. I should look for that one. I'm normally pretty picky about starting with the first book so I don't get confused on the backstory but for some reason I stared with this one.

    Now I really want to read Ian Rankin.

  7. I like to start at the beginning of a series too, but sometimes the first is not as strong as subsequent ones, so you never know...

    Knots and Crosses is Rankin's first, by the way.

  8. Good to know. I have Blood Hunt....