Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Khan Academy

Although I haven't really gotten on to watching The Colbert Report the way so many have, I did just watch several in a row last night, and came across this fascinating project. Salman Khan, who is one of those Ivy League smarties who ended up on Wall Street in hedge funds, began by offering his young relatives some short YouTubes on subjects he had already mastered, like physics and chemistry. The YouTubes spiraled, and Khan went on to make short segments on a variety of other topics, until there are currently 2100 such segments. The videos are all free and packed with content, have been funded by Bill Gates' foundation, and are already making their way as supplementary materials into school curricula.

So if there's maybe a subject or two that you slacked off on at school, here's your second chance. You will find the Khan Academy here.

And here's Colbert's interview with Khan:

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