Saturday, July 2, 2011

Santa Cruz--street music scene

Sometimes posting here is just a tad too easy. My web service provider  posted a link to this twitter video:

Thirteen year old tabla virtuoso

which in turn led to this one:

The Dusty Porch Orchestra

The kid was playing not fifty yards from the front of our store, and the string band is right outside the New Leaf market. I passed these last on my way to the bus this very evening. The videos are courtesy one Andrew Mueller, who I do not happen to know.


  1. Thirteen-year-old tabla virtuosi are fine, but the Dusty Porch Orchestra is the best ensemble name I've seen in some time.

  2. hey the dusty porch orchestra is our band and we would love to have that video and any others you may have. thanks for enjoying the music.

  3. Hey, Dusty Porch Orchestra, I don't actually have any of the videos--you might follow the link and see if you can contact the guy who shot the video--I think his name is Arthur Mueller.

    Good luck--you all are good!