Monday, October 3, 2011

Not so little Dorrit, and cool Nonviolent tactics

I don't actually know if anyone reads this blog, but that's all right--all the more reason to put in whatever things I think are great, regardless of audience. I have to say that Rachel Maddow's show was smokin' hot tonight, and I have not one but two videos to share here, provided I can find them.  

The first is about what happened in Iceland when the wife of the president, Dorrit Moussieff,  made an unexpected move when faced with the countries protesters:

The second has to do with how protesters at Occupy Wall Street got around the ban on bullhorns. They used what is being called, "the people's mic", in which the speaker speaks and the crowd around repeats his words so that a larger crowd can hear it. Free speech in action, people.

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