Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ah, those crazy Swedes

If you get your news about the Swedes from crime novels, and, well, the news, you might think that the Swedes spend their lives righting misogynist wrongs and chasing down old Nazis on fast motorcycles. Sure, maybe that's what they do when they're working. But what they do on their lunch hour is something quite different. They dance.

Now in addition to being wholesome and inspiring, it also validates a kind of point of mine. Recently on my other blog I was talking about the origin of the whole 4/20 legalize marijuana day. One of my friends then questioned the idea that it could all be traced back to twelve high school kids with a code name for meeting up to smoke weed.

But here we see a much more recent phenomenon where it's apparently well documented that this all started with 10 Swedish office workers. And thus, a movement was born.

Twelve American high school students, or ten Swedes. That's all it takes to rock the world.

Happy May Day, everyone.

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