Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Harvard University's Justice, with Michael Sandel

I know--I put Harvard in the title and you got intimidated. Either that or you thumbed your nose at it as too high-falutin' by half. But seriously, you should watch this series. It is one of the most popular courses ever taught at Harvard and you can be in on it for the price of, well, nothing. Sandel takes a room full of bright but not unfathomably bright students through a course on how we come to our ideas about justice. It is Platonic in the best sense of the tradition. I've been going through it slowly--each class is about half an hour long. Here is the LINK

I must once again thank Adrian McKinty for the lead, although he had to take down the post he did about it over on Psychopathology of Everyday Life because the video kept crashing.

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