Monday, June 30, 2014

Adopt a black dog

I actually was quite upset to find that there may be some sort of discrimination against black animals when people are choosing pets. Or at least so says this recent Slate article . We had pets of many hues when I was growing up, including a calico cat named Mata Hari. But our dog Midnight was one of the sweetest animals, and who could forget our cats Sugarfoot and Twinkletoes? Admittedly, most of our pets came to us by happenstance rather than choice, but still--I don't remember wishing they were of some lighter hue.

I don't live in a place where I have an option to have pets and frankly I don't miss the responsibility, but something about that article really made me want to go out and get a black dog. Why isn't there some equivalent of Black Beauty to be a kind of poster child for the cause?

 The image is from a company called Mulberry Interior Design which apparently is not averse to using dogs in their photo shoots. A nice touch, I feel.

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